Website conversion review


The website conversion review will help you understand exactly how your website is measuring up in terms of conversion, and to get you on the road to significant improvements.


Your website conversion review includes:

  • An action plan:
    • Analysis of your website against the ‘5 pillars of a highly converting website’
    • Suggestions and recommendations for increasing conversion
  • A video chat to talk through and explain the recommendations (Up to an hour)

After receiving the review, you’ll be in a position to either:

  • Self-implement the changes at your own pace
  • Commission us to do the work
  • Hand the document to somebody else to implement for you

The 5 pillars of a highly converting website

  1. Messaging – is your offer clear?
    1. Does it fulfill a need or solve a problem?
    2. Is it compelling to your audience?
  2. Style – is it helping to build trust and credibility?
    1. Is it consistent?
    2. Does it fit well with your product/service?
  3. Speed – how fast does your website load?
    1. There is a ton of evidence to show slow websites decrease conversions
  4. Security – is your site safe from hackers, and handling data responsibly?
    1. If your website is unsafe, Google will down-rank you
    2. Web browsers now show warnings (and in some cases completely block) sites that aren’t secure
    3. Getting hacked could kill your business
  5. SEO – does your website reflect what your visitors are looking for?
    1. If meta-descriptions, search results, and headings don’t match your web content, misleading information will reduce conversions

The website conversion review builds a roadmap to increase engagements with your web visitors. Rather than driving more traffic to your site (only to see visitors drop off when they land), see better results with the same traffic.

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