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If your website is not secure, you are risking your business, as well as your customers’ data. Keep reading for your FREE, instant security check.


A secure website will reduce risk, and increase sales

Use this independent security checker to find out if your business is vulnerable.

Put your website through this FREE, 30-second security checker

If you score below grade B, your site needs some security TLC. This scanner will provide a list of these vulnerabilities which we can help you with if you need it.

What’s at stake if I don’t take action?

  • Your entire database – it could be held to ransom by a hacker intent on making money from your oversights
  • Your customers’ data – if your website accepts email addresses/phone numbers/personal & financial information such as credit card details, it could be stolen
  • Your site’s visibility
    • Google down-ranks sites that aren’t served over https (note the ‘s’ for secure)
    • Recent updates to web browsers (including Chrome) actually prevent some websites from loading if they’re not secure

Simply get in touch with the results, and we’ll take it from there.

Your guarantee

We guarantee to achieve a grade B within 7 days of placing your order. If we don’t, you get 90% of your money back. No application necessary. Seriously, we’ll refund you, and you’ll keep the security improvements we achieved.

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