Brand image makeover


Refine your typography system, consolidate your color scheme, and uplevel your logo (infinitely scalable, crystal clear, and memorable.)


Enhance your visual brand without starting from scratch

Our aim is to increase your brand authority. We also want to increase recognizability, uniqueness, and legibility.

See how many of the following questions you answer ‘no’ to.The more ‘no’s you get, the more value this package will have for you.


  • Is your logo pin sharp at every zoom level?
  • Do you have versions that can work on dark and light backgrounds?
  • Does your logo work in a square and circle… whilst maintaining legibility?
  • Do you have a tiny icon for use in your web browser tab?


  • Do you have a defined, simple colour palette?
  • Do they have sufficient contrast ratios to be accessibility compliant?
  • Are your colours used consistently across your website, social media, signature, assets and offline materials?


  • Are you using line-height, kerning, alignment, line-length, and paragraph spacing properly? The aim is to entice your visitors to read the words you’re communicating.
  • Is your typography the same type, style, size, and weight throughout your website?
  • Is your text accessible to those with visual impairments?
  • Are your links and buttons, clear, and on brand?

We’ve got you covered. From a creative brief, we can refine what you already have to better connect with your ideal clients. We’ll ensure that it reflects your brand persona, and works across all your use cases.

Benefits of a consistent brand:

  • Increase your brand’s credibility and trust
  • Your brand’s perceived value will go up – you may be able to charge more for the same products and services
  • It becomes easier to create assets, as you’ll have a playbook for how to use type, colour, and layout for all your future documents, pages, and designs

Here’s what you get in this package:

Once you’ve provided your brief and website login credentials (look for the form in your inbox after purchase), we’ll get started:

  • We’ll do all the work necessary so that you can answer ‘yes’ to the majority of the questions in the section above.
  • You’ll receive a style guide – a multi-page document detailing all your brand’s styles, colours, and typography so that you have a single source for your brand and can share with your team
  • Where appropriate, you’ll get upto 3 options for design direction so that you’re involved with the process.
  • We’ll explain the psychology behind any design choices we present to you.
  • We’ll vectorize your logo – making it infinitely scalable for sharp, non-pixelated presentation at any size and device, printed or on the web. You own the design – we’ll provide you with the master file in SVG format
  • Use anywhere and everywhere – we’ll provide the graphics in any size and format you like. With a background, transparent, square, circle, tiny… the choice is yours!
  • It’s important to us that you’re thrilled with the outcome, so we provide 2 rounds of revisions. This is based on your feedback, once we’ve submitted our initial work

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