Small projects

Fixed price, fixed scope projects that we can take on for you. Copy-editing, logo design update, and more.

Once you purchase any of these items, we will get started with you straight away. If we have what we need, we’ll start beavering away. Otherwise we’ll be in touch to discuss your needs further.

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  • Shop page image - COVID-19 Special

    COVID-19: Pay as you feel

    We’re supporting small businesses through tough times with a pay as you feel service. Take the opportunity to get your house in order.

    Pay as you feel
  • Shop page image - conversion review

    Website conversion review

    The website conversion review will help you understand exactly how your website is measuring up in terms of conversion, and to get you on the road to significant improvements.

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  • Increase your website speed - image

    Your website, but faster

    Speed has a dramatic effect on visitor engagement, trust, and ultimately… revenue. Get this sorted within 7-days RISK FREE!*

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  • Sharpen up your logo and brand assets

    Update logo design

    We’ll update your existing logo to meet your creative brief, be infinitely scalable, refined and iconic. We’ll provide you with simplified versions for use across social media, app icons, website, business cards and anything else you need.

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  • Shop page image - security

    Secure your website, keep control

    If your website is not secure, you are risking your business, as well as your customers’ data. Keep reading for your FREE, instant security check.

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  • Sharpen up your logo and brand assets

    Brand image makeover

    Refine your typography system, consolidate your color scheme, and uplevel your logo (infinitely scalable, crystal clear, and memorable.)

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