Some questions you might have

I’ve put these Q&As together because they tend to come up quite a lot.

Some of them have never actually been asked… but you might find the answers useful anyway!

If you feel there’s something obviously missing below, please let me know here.

What’s the difference between a ‘Website developer’ and a ‘Website designer’?

This is an important distinction and can get confused, leading to mismanaged expectations. A designer creates visuals. They define how something should look. A developer codes solutions. They bring a vision to reality.

I’m a website developer with a passion for user experience.

What do you need from me, the client?

Great question. And important. I like brevity, so here’s a typical list of what I need at the start of a project:

  • Login details for your website and hosting accounts
  • Deadlines and timelines that are important to you
  • Content (titles, text, and images) for pages that you’d like updating
  • A single point of contact, so that I can make progress with minimal confusion at my end
  • A style guide if you have one (if not, I can put one together for you)

Contact me to kick things off.

Can I get a fixed price for my project?

Of course you can… you’ll need to contact me with further details about your project. We’ll jump on a video chat, get acquainted, and talk it through. Then I’ll put together a quote for you.

How do you store my logins and passwords?

I store login details in a secured 2-factor authentication password manager. Not even they can access the passwords without the encryption key. No Facebook fiascos here!

How much experience do you have?

I’ve been building websites for over 10 years. A LOT has changed in that time, and keeping on top of these technologies is a passion for me.

What makes you different from other developers?

You’ll be hard-pressed to find anybody else with the same passion, professional integrity, and attention to detail as me.

In my own life I’m driven by simplicity, and I bring that approach to my work. I’ll pare down your plugin use, automate your typography and backups, and keep you informed with clear tasks and progress.

When I’m in, I’m all in!

What other skills do you have that might be useful?

Here’s a short list of things I love delving into, in addition to code. I can help you in any of these areas:

  • Brand style – simplifying colors, typography, buttons, and ensuring consistency of use. Consistency builds trust in your visitors.
  • Information architecture – making sure that the flow of a website, document, or training program is logical. When we organise information well, it’s easy to navigate and presents the most value.
  • Systems and applications – I look at your workflow and offer solutions that simplify how you work. This can (likely) save you both money and time.
  • Copy editing – I love to take content, and make it sharper. I simplify complex language, reduce passive voice use, and break it into chunks. The aim is to make it desirable to read or skim.
  • Google Docs & Drive expert – I’m a passionate advocate of Google Cloud systems. If you like the idea of keeping all your files in the cloud, easy collaboration, and automatic PDFs, I can help.
How soon can you start?

I don’t keep clients waiting for weeks and months before they see results. I will be able to give you a timeframe before I start work, and aim to get started within a week of our kick-off call.

Do I have any guarantees?

I guarantee to make your life easier, and to get things off your to-do list. I guarantee to bring improvement ideas to the table that you hadn’t thought of. I guarantee your site will be better in many ways after I’ve finished with it.

Can you perform miracles?

Sadly, no. But I tweak, refine, and enhance the heck out of a website, until I’m left with something of refinement and simplicity.

That’s me.