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We’re into website conversion

Yardley Digital are based in York, North Yorkshire. We like to keep things simple; it’s a two person agency.

Meet Lyden and Janine Yardley.

Our mission

Increase the performance of your website in measurable terms; by optimising your conversion rate. We work with clients in person in York, North Yorkshire. We also have clients in the U.S.

Lyden is the technical wizard

Tinkerer and a web enthusiast—a refiner and simplifier. If it’s not perfect, he will keep on going until it is. Janine has to remind him to eat and drink when he’s stuck into a job. His obsession has benefits: happy clients, feeling accomplished, and unleashing another functional website into the cloud.

Intolerant of ‘crap design’, Lyden Lyden hates messy code and wonky business cards. He can’t stand a disorganised cupboard – he realigns the tuna tins so the labels face the same way, and repacks the shopping to balance the weight.

Technical perfection is in his bones – things need to perform well, look good, ease stress, and… work!

“This isn’t just a job to me, it’s who I am.”

Lyden Yardley
Lyden Yardley with flowers background

Janine takes care of non-technical website help

Janine Yardley headshot, portrait

Finding function and beauty in a perfectly crafted sentence, Janine loves playing with words and metaphors. She creates webpage content, and optimises it for humans and search engines.

Organiser extraordinaire, if anyone can remember a name, face, or the date of an upcoming event, it’s Janine. Naturally creative, she loves coming up with new ideas.

She’s the one to get s*** done, ensure your project stays on track, and keep you informed along the way.

What you can expect


We’re real people – open and honest ones at that.

We live in York, North Yorkshire, and also work with clients in the U.S. We communicate regularly using the tools our clients prefer.

We can put a quote together once we’ve had a discovery call.

Perhaps we can meet for coffee to begin?


Everything we do is tailor-made to suit your business.

We love collaboration, partnerships, and honest conversations.

We work towards shared goals, asking questions to help push the needle forward for your business.

It’s about we, not me.


The proof is in the pudding.

As we work with numbers, we’ll both know when we’re hitting targets:

  • A growing email list
  • More online purchases
  • More click throughs and enquiries.

These are some of the benefits you can expect when you hire Yardley Digital.

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