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Our mission is to create results driven websites, and serve as trusted advisers to our clients.

Let’s skyrocket your mothershipping conversion rate!

Key problems we solve


We keep visitors engaged on your website

Do a high number of your website visitors leave your site, not long after landing? If your customer finds at least one element of your website a turn-off, they’re gone. This could be a poor navigation system, confusing language, inconsistent branding, or one of hundreds of details!


Our work lowers your customer acquisition cost

Reducing the cost of customer acquisition can mean the difference between thriving and failing. We help increase the number of existing visitors who engage with you, without spending more on acquiring new traffic through SEO and Pay Per Click ads.


Most importantly, we increase sales

We collaborate as trusted advisers. Working with you on brand and sales strategy, business objectives, and the technicals, we produce quantifiable results for our clients.

Why top companies invest in conversion

Top companies maintain higher conversion rates than their competition by making frequent iterations of their existing website.

Small changes = low risk + high reward.

This means staying ahead of the game by responding to fast-changing trends, and moving with the subtle ebb and flow of customer preferences. You can drop unpopular choices, and pounce on ones that work.

Conversion – the scientific approach

We don’t know everything and this is our greatest strength. We create ‘experiments’ to find out what works with your customers.

Conversion rate optimisation (CRO) works by: reviewing analytics, testing ideas, measuring, optimising what is working, discarding what isn’t, starting the cycle again.

The results can surprise everyone, and with each iteration we more powerfully serve your audience, building your business in the process.

CRO Process

Read Carol Dweck’s eye opening book; Mindset

Growth mindset

You’ve got to where you are, because you know your customers. Yet growing unavoidably brings the unknown. If you can adopt the thinking ‘I don’t know, let’s find out’, we can run tests to find true insights. Then you can base your decisions on numbers, as opposed to intuition and company preferences.

Meet the team

Lyden Yardley

Technical wizard. Refiner.

Lyden Yardley with flowers background

“This isn’t just a job to me, it’s who I am.”

Lyden Yardley

Lyden made his name digging clients out of a pit of despair that their last web guy put them in. Honesty, integrity, and a job well done are his drivers.

Tinkerer and a web enthusiast—a true refiner and simplifier. If it’s not perfect, he will keep on going until it is. His obsession has benefits: happy clients, feeling accomplished, and unleashing another functional website into the cloud.

Intolerant of ‘crap design’, Lyden hates messy code and wonky business cards. Technical perfection is in his bones – things need to perform well, look good, ease stress, and… work!

Janine Yardley

Creator of ideas. Player of words.

Janine Yardley headshot, portrait

“It’s not gloss, but thinking strategically about what’s important in your customer’s world. We problem solve strategically with clients, and then come the words”

Janine Yardley

Finding function and beauty in a perfectly crafted sentence, Janine loves playing with words. Words to soften and tempt curiosity, words to enliven and energise. Sentences to seduce customers to read… the next sentence. To click that button and make that call.

Janine does conversion copywriting. Words for websites, landing pages, emails, sales copy. Any words that sell services, ideas and products. To do this, she gets into the mind of the customer and addresses their concerns and objections.

What you can expect


We’re real people – open and honest ones at that.

We live in York, North Yorkshire, and also work with clients in the U.S. We communicate regularly using the tools our clients prefer.

We can put a quote together once we’ve had a discovery call.

Perhaps we can meet for coffee to begin?


Everything we do is tailor-made to suit your business.

We love collaboration, partnerships, and honest conversations.

We work towards shared goals, asking questions to help push the needle forward for your business.

It’s about we, not me.


The proof is in the pudding.

As we work with numbers, we’ll both know when we’re hitting targets:

  • A growing email list
  • More online purchases
  • More click throughs and enquiries.

These are some of the benefits you can expect when you hire Yardley Digital.

Kind words

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